Top 10: TV Gal Pals

Real friends are nice, but somehow to people on TV always know what to say. 

10. Blair Waldorf tumblr_mo1iv50pYt1qdmbfro1_500   In between shopping for amazing clothes and scheming against your enemies you get to watch old movies and eat macaroons. Granted she isn’t the most loyal friend, and you will probably be stabbed in the back despite your friendship, but at least you met Chuck Bass.

9. Olivia Pope 1120olivia3 Got a problem? She’ll handle it. Need some white clothing? Look no further. Have a hankering for some red wine? You’ve come to the right place. That is if you don’t mind her crazy schedule, and the fact that she won’t tell you anything about the guy she’s been seeing.

8. Monica Gellar fat-monica-geller-o She cooks! She cleans! She has a ridiculous apartment in New York City! And she clearly has great taste in men (let’s be real Ross can’t compete with Chandler). However she is super anal, so maybe just invite her over when your house needs a good cleaning.

7. Veronica Mars tumblr_m1i3a0ZaiE1r83779 Like Olivia Pope she can solve anything. And while exchanging witty banter and pop culture references on a stake out sounds like an amazing evening, she only seems to come around when she needs something. Not cool Mars, not cool.

6. Liz Lemon s5highfiveangels She has her own Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor! You may gain some weight while working on your respective night cheeses, but her amazing work stories would more than make up for it. Although she might get annoyed when you keep asking her why it didn’t work with that nice pilot, Carol.

5. Penny Hart tumblr_miwduu3ULR1rkiuhro1_500 Can you think of a more ah-mazing friend? If your ever down you can listen to her dating disasters and awkward encounters and immediately feel better. And after you can talk John Hughes movies and pop culture over mimosas. Her last name is even Hart, so what’s not to love?

4. Leslie Knope tumblr_mtrlzmz2XE1sgl0ajo1_400 Her gift giving abilities alone make her the ideal best friend. But then pile on the fact that she loves waffles and miniature horses, and she was far to amazing to be best friends with Bland Ann. Although her outstanding friend capabilities might just make you feel inadequate despite your best efforts.

3. Lorelai Gilmore tumblr_gilmorelorelaimyhero Is there anyone else you would rather get coffee with? Her ability to turn curmudgeon Luke into a romantic and her daughter Rory into an interesting person is nothing short of magic. Though she has some serious mother issues, she knows when you need to hear “Oy with the poodles already”.

2. Mindy Lahiri tumblr_n1274jD2BF1sdi3ovo1_400 When she’s not delivering babies or dating a slew of incredibly attractive men, Mindy would be an incredible BFF. Never holding back on what you need to hear and managing to say exactly what you’re thinking in the best way possible. And if your meet cutes have become something of a rarity, you can choose a date from the hot doctors she works with or her multitude of magnificent exes.

1. Tami Taylor tami-alwaysright Her friendship would probably be as magnificent as her hair. After hearing what her husband has to say on the football field you can only imagine the fantastic advice she could give. She’s even a guidance counselor! An ace listener and always handy with a bottle of wine, what else could you possible need? Who knows, she may even share the secret to her envy inducing hair.  


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