Raging Bull


To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really know what this movie was about. Which I found to be pretty surprising. I would like to think that I have some kind of knowledge, yet Raging Bull went completely over my head. I personally think this is unacceptable and I’m glad the situation was rectified.

So basically, Raging Bull, is about real life boxer Jake LaMotta (played by Robert DeNiro) as he deals with his self destructive behavior. The film describes the complicated relationship he had with his brother Joey (played by Joe Pesci) and his wife Vicky. Despite the fact that the movie does not have the normal gun quota of a normal Scorsese film, it still manages to provide the proper amount of blood and eye-hiding moments.

I’m like somewhat okay with the fact that DeNiro cheats on his wife in the beginning of the film, I mean they are both clearly unhappy and would be much better off not together. But can we not have him get involved with a 15 year-old girl (Vicky). Like why is this even a thought that crosses his mind? Yeah she looks mature for her age, but wait she is 15. She doesn’t even know how to drive and you want to date her? And not just DeNiro but everyone, included his brother has taken her out, hoping to get some, with a 15 year old girl. And these are men who are at least 20. I don’t understand how this wasn’t an issue. Usually it’s frustrating that they would hire someone clearly older than the part they are playing, but in this case, I was extremely thankful.


I have never seen a 15 year old look like that, but then again I would never want to see an actual 15 year old in this situation.

For about the first five minutes of the film I had no idea that Robet DeNiro was in the movie (I was getting some popcorn when the credits played). Can we talk about the fact that he gained almost 70 pounds for this movie? He was basically unrecognizable. And 66 pounds is actually ridiculous. But thankfully now I never have to wonder what a fat Robert DeNiro looks like.


Apparently he went on a food binge trip to Italy and France to gain the weight. Oh to be actor.

This was also Joe Pesci’s first big performance, which is crazy because I can’t imagine my life without My Cousin Vinny. But apparently Pesci and DeNiro are really good friends in real life, which just warms my heart. It seems like DeNiro is just a really awesome person all around. Apparently he helped Scorsese kick his cocaine addiction (apparently Scorsese was a drug addict) and convinced him to direct this movie.

I personally dread watching the protagonist get progressively worse. It just breaks my heart to see them become their own worse enemy and completely isolate everyone around them. Apparently they don’t hear me yelling at them through the screen. But I always take the sound of my heart breaking to be a sign of a really good movie.  And this film is actually beautiful, I mean the shots are hell-a artsy in a non precocious way and I think that black and white make everything better. The acting was also amazing, almost annoying so. I mean Vicky had this monotone raspy voice, but it just worked. The whole movie just worked in the best way possible.

Rating: 5 out of 5 times Robert DeNiro rocked the boxing shorts like no other


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