Schindler’s List


So my method of making things less scary or less intense is turning off the sound. The scary music stops and gun shot is silent and I can go to sleep that night. A word to wise, turning off the sound of Schindler’s List does not make it any less traumatic.

Basically, Schindler’s List takes place during the Holocaust, when business man, Oskar Schindler (played by Liam Neeson), spends his money running a business to help over a thousand Jews survive the events of Holocaust. In case you have not seen Schindler’s List, it’s incredibly traumatizing. I mean you are emotionally destroyed for the rest of the day. I actually have seen this movie before. But I watched it in class, and it spanned over three days, providing some much needed mental recovery. However, watching three hours of horrendous treatment in one sitting is a whole other story. I can’t even comprehend how people watched this in the theater.

Originally, Steven Spielberg didn’t even want to direct the film, because he didn’t feel that he had the proper maturity. But after having children and raising them Jewish, he understood it’s importance. However, he was required to film Jurassic Park first, because it was said that after filming a movie like Schindler’s List he would never be able to make a movie like Jurassic Park. Apparently Mel Gibson auditioned for the role of Schindler, which just blow my little mind. But they hired German’s to play to Nazis and Israelis to play the Jews. And when Passover took place during filming, they all got together and held a service. And to create a timeless

Apparently, filming was so emotionally draining on Spielberg that Robin Williams would call him, just to make him laugh. Episodes of Seinfeld were shown to the cast and crew while they weren’t filming to try a lighten the mood. Oh and a fun fact about Liam Neeson, apparently he is the most *ahem* well endowed man in Hollywood. And then you think, well of course he is, because obviously he the most wonderful person ever and that only makes sense. Oh and Ralph Fiennes, who played a truly terrible commander of a concentration camp, gained 28 pounds for the role, which literally all went to his stomach.

You know how movies like Saving Private Ryan are phenomenal movies, but you don’t come out of watching it thinking “wow that’s my favorite movie ever! I can’t wait to watch it again!” because it’s so draining and so horribly. But you realize how important that movie is, and that’s Schindler’s List, except like times ten. For reals though, Spielberg needs to stop with the traumatizing.

Rating: 5 out of 5 times I ate ice cream in an effort to feel better.


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