I am personally very upset that this is the last Jimmy Stewart movie. And even though it’s only like 8 movies, I’m going to miss his bumbling personality. Let’s just ignore the fact that I can watch It’s a Wonderful Life whenever I want, and this moment becomes a lot more traumatic.

So basically, Vertigo is the perfect combination of Stewart and Hitchcock. Stewart plays a detective who suffers from vertigo (you know that thing that Lucille 2 had? Where you get dizzy at great heights?). Sadly vertigo is not good for a detective, so he retires, but an old friend asks him to follow his wife (played by Kim Novak) who is acting strangely. Turns out she is liked possessed by the spirit of her great grandmother who killed herself. But while follow Novak, Stewart fall in love. But because she is crazy, it really doesn’t work out too well.

I mean I love Stewart slightly more than the next person, but there is only so long you can watch him drive around and watch this woman. He spends at least 15 minutes just sitting and waiting and watching. And let’s be honest, nobody’s life is really all that interesting. Thank God it was Stewart otherwise I would probably start watching the back of my eyelids.

So at one point in the film there is a point where Stewart believes that he has lost Novak forever. So instead of getting over it and getting together with his ex, who seemed perfectly lovely. He decides to be a super creeper and try to find another Novak. Eventually he finds this woman who looks like her. So he dates her, which yes, is pretty creepy. But it gets worse. He buys her news clothes and makes her dye her hair. Honestly if it was anyone but Stewart I would filed a restraining order, or broke up with him. Even though it was Stewart it was incredibly scary. And if I was that girl I would have peaced out a long time ago.

But going back to the whole ex thing. So it’s super adorable that they are best friends, even though she is clearly still in love with Stewart (but who could blame her). I find it strange that they are supposed to be the same age. Because he could be her father. I’m slightly okay with having a relationship between two people of vastly different ages, but let’s just be honest about it.


Despite this the movie was really good. It has all that twisty turny-ness that I absolutely adore. It’s incredibly entertaining and thrilling, but artfully so. And Hitchcock totally invented the whole dolly and simultaneously zoom thing for this movie (which makes the whole veritgo effect). I mean there is a reason it is in the top 10. It’s pretty great.

Rating: 5 out of 5 times Stewart was sporting some serious crazy eye.


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