The Wizard of Oz


So I feel like everyone has seen The Wizard of Oz (except that one girl from my high school, which I never really understood) but when is the last time that you’ve watched it? I feel like it’s such a one and done experience. Maybe cause the witch is super terrifying (for other people obviously) or maybe musicals just aren’t your thing (because you obviously don’t have a heart). Normally people love watching childhood movies again (hello frequently visited children and family genre in Netflix) but from my own personal experience, The Wizard of Oz has never been one of those movies.

So incase you don’t know what the most widely reference piece of pop culture in the history of the world is about. It is basically about a girl named Dorothy (played by Judy Garland) and her mission to get back home after traveling to the world of Oz. On her journey, she meets a Scarecrow, a Tin Man and a Lion. However this super scary Wicked Witch of the West is after Dorothy after she accidentally killed her sister and stole her shoes (Which in retrospect, is a completely legitimate reason for hating someone).

No as child I can totally let somethings go, but as an adult I have some questions for The Wizard of Oz. For example: Are all of the witches related? Or just the West and East witches? And what happened to the Witch of the South? Is she a good witch too? And is Glinda even a good witch? I mean she doesn’t help Dorothy kill this evil witch who has been terrorizing the entire land of Oz. If the tin man doesn’t have a heart, why does he keep crying? At the end of the movie she tells the Scarecrow that she “will miss him most of all”, why? Why is Dorothy playing favorites? Did her and Scarecrow have a little thing going on? Then by extension did she have a thing with the farm hand Huck? And why was that farm hand so scared when she feel into the pig pen? Are pigs more violent in Kansas? How did they get the horse to change colors? And finally, which came first the donut hole or the little people of Munchkinland?

Apparently there was originally supposed to be a hint of a thing between Dorothy and Huck, explaining her obvious favoritism. The Wizard of Oz also went through a million directors, one of which even went on to direct Gone with the Wind which one all the Academy Awards that year. Originally, Dorothy was supposed to have blonde hair and intense doll makeup, but that was changed, thank God! And the original Tin Man had a horrendous reaction to the makeup and had to bow out of the film. The original cut of the movie included a whole “Jitterbug” thing to attract a younger audience, but the whole scene was cut. Even the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was almost left on the cutting room floor. Which would be horrendous.

I mean everyone has seen The Wizard of Oz, it’s a magical experience when you’re a child, and it’s still magical when you are older. If you haven’t seen it, I don’t understand how you interact in society. It’s just a classic you can’t hate, despite it’s unanswered questions.

Rating: 5 out of 5 time I was absolutely terrified of the Witch, because she is a hell-a scary for a children’s movie


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