City Lights


I must say, I enjoy Charlie Chaplin movies. The tramp is straight up adorable, and he always manages to have a happy ending. So I’m thinking if this is like the best Chaplin movie, then it has to be pretty darn amazing. And it was.

So basically, City Lights, is about the tramp, who falls in love with a blind flower girl. Because of certain circumstances she believes that the tramp is a millionaire and not the adorable, yet financial unstable man he is. This movie is also in the top ten AFI romances of all time, sooooo it’s pretty wonderful. I mean Chaplin’s acting is beautiful, his adorable smile is obviously melting the icecaps. At the end, it’s probably one of the most romantic and touching moments in cinematic history, yes that’s my personal opinion, not it’s not a hyperbole.

I mean this is what love should be, besides the whole blind thing, but definitely with the adorable coat and hat combination.

I also found it incredibly hilarious that the millionaire forgot about the tramp every time he was sober. Because I feel like I’ve seen this in real life. Everyone (or maybe just college student) has that person they are friends with solely when they are drunk. And apparently life worked that way in the 1920s too.

But apparently, the actor actually hated each other. The actress who played the blind girl was actually fired by Chaplin, after she wanted to leave early one day to get her hair done. Chaplin could not find a replacement so he hired her back. Chaplin also fired the actor that played the millionaire when he refused to dive into cold water. He was not hired back. It also took over a year to film a movie, which is crazy long. Apparently Chaplin was a crazy perfectionist and would take weeks to film a single scene. For one specific scene Chaplin 342 takes, which is actually crazy. But then again this movie is crazy good, so I guess it was worth it?

But really, this movie is not only an amazing silent film, but just an amazing movie in general. And I’m sad this is my last time seeing the tramp on the list.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Chaplin moustaches


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