The Searchers


Can we talk about how this is the last western on the list? Because I am super excited about that. No more gunslingers turned good citizen going on one last heist. No more cowboy hats and camp fires (that I know of). So being the last western movie on the list, The Searchers should be the best of the western movies right? I mean I personally prefer Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid but how can you not when The Searchers has a middle aged John Wayne and Butch Cassidy has Robert Redford and Paul Newman.

So basically, The Searchers is about John Wayne and his search for his niece (Natalie Wood), who was kidnapped by Native Americans. Wayne gets the help of a trusty sidekick Martin, who has this kind of relationship with a girl back home, Laurie. Apparently, from the time Wood was kidnapped to the time she is found, five years have passed. So she goes from this


to this, oh and she’s married


Apparently Natalie Wood’s sister played the younger version of her, which is super cute. But I’m amazed that she aged tremendously while Wayne and Martin looked the same.

So my personal favorite part of this movie was Laurie. She was basically a crazy girlfriend, and I loved her. She had basically invented this relationship with Martin that he didn’t even know about, and I was thoroughly entertained the entire time she was onscreen. She was stage five clinger, but how can you not be when Martin is the only boy that is not related to you for miles. And then in the end, she is about to get married, and then Martin gets into a huge fist fight with her fiance and she just watched and smiles because two guys are fighting over her. Let’s be honest, I think every girl wants that to happen, and I was so happy that she personified this fact.

I mean I haven’t really seen any other John Wayne movies, so I can’t tell you if this one is particularly good. I thought that Wayne was kind of a douche in the movie, just doing whatever he wanted to do, and not really caring about any one else. I don’t know he was like half way between a hero and an anti-hero, which is a strange place to be. But to compare The Searchers with the others westerns I watched, I would definitely place it towards the top. Now if it had some incredibly attractive celebrity, it might have been bumped up.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Natalie Woods aged incredibly fast and incredibly well


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