For me, Psycho has been one of those movies that I’ve always wanted to see, but have never gotten around to. And now I’m upset that I didn’t watch it sooner. I’m also super surprised that I didn’t know about the super crazy twist ending. How is it that everyone and their mother knows about The Sixth Sense thing, but nobody bothers to tell me about this crazy ending.

So basically, Psycho is about a Marion, a women who has stolen a large amount of money to run off with her boyfriend. On her way to meet him, she arrives at a motel owned by Norman Bates and his mother, but because it’s Hitchcock, nothing is at it seems.

To be honest, I loved this movie. But it made me so conflicted. On the one hand you know that Norman Bates is obviously a little screwed up. I mean he runs this constantly vacant motel with his strange mother in the middle of nowhere. When he talking to Marion you see this intense moments of crazy, but then bam! He dials is back. And then you almost feel bad for him, I mean it could be due to the fact that he is incredibly attractive.


It’s not fair to be attractive and crazy, that’s not the way it’s supposed to work.

In case you have never watched a movie ever, Psycho is the movie with the shower scene. You know the one with the pretty blonde in the shower who turns around and screams and as someone stabs her with a knife? With the high pitched violins going EE EE EE!!!! ( I turned off the sound as this point, because the scary-ness is really all the music’s fault)


But anyway, the actress who played Marion (the woman who get killed), Janet Leigh, spent a week in the shower filming that scene. Oh and they also used chocolate syrup for blood (because it was in black and white you couldn’t tell), and they used a knife stabbing a melon for the sound effects. As a result of the terrifying scene, Leigh was afraid to take showers for the rest of her life. Oh goodness so many fun facts. And Hitchcock actually made the film black and white because it was cheaper, and less gory.

Originally, Hitchcock was supposed to film No Bail for the Judge, but the lead actress, Audrey Hepburn, was pregnant and had to bow out. Leaving Hitchcock the time to film Psycho, so thank you Audrey Hepburn! Oh and one more fun fact, the voice of the mother was actually voiced by three different woman. And I think that’s all the fun I could muster.

Even if you don’t like scary movies (like me), you should definitely watch this movie, if not for the all the references in pop culture, than for the fact that it’s a really entertaining movie. It isn’t that scary compared to today’s standard, it’s incredibly well made and thrilling, and has a twist not to believe.

Rating: 5 out of 5 times I wasn’t sure if it was okay to find Norman Bates attractive or not


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