Some Like it Hot


In case you were wondering Some Like it Hot just happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time. Obviously the American Film Institute agrees with me, because it was ranked as the number 1 best comedy of all time. And even though the whole men dressing up as women thing is a little played out today, it’s still hell-a funny, and that’s an accomplishment.

So basically, Some Like it Hot is about a saxophone player (Tony Curtis) and a bassist (Jack Lemmon) who witness a mafia related murder and immediately disguise themselves as women and flee the city with an all women band. It just so happens that Marilyn Monroe is the singer of the band, so obviously one of them has to fall in love with her. Even though this just sounds like a musical combination of Mrs. Doubtfire and Tootsie, it still remains completely original and completely wonderful.

Just in case you didn’t know, Marilyn Monroe is actually beautiful, like it’s actually not fair. And clearly the costume department realized how beautiful she was because they put in some crazy sexy dresses, even by today’s standard.


Spencer Tracy In Movie Still


It’s no wonder that every famous man ever, claims to have had an affair with her.

There is one scene that I find particularly hilarious. So Tony Curtis is totally in love with her, but Monroe wants a wealthy sensitive type (don’t we all?) so through some serious shenanigans, Curtis disguises himself as a wealthy man and ends up on a boat with Monroe. In his wealthy persona, he then goes through this huge explanation that women just don’t do anything for him. Now if it was me I would just assume that he was gay, call it a night, and see if maybe he wanted a beard. But not Monroe, her first thought is that she can totally fix him, and she totally does. (I mean obviously that was Curtis’ plan all along, but that takes some serious confidence on Monroe’s part.) I’m just saying that she could probably make anyone seriously reconsider their lifestyle *note the dress.

This movie is so ridiculously funny and heartwarming, and a little disconcerting if you really think about it, but I don’t, and no one really should. It’s just a really fun and romantic movie. Nobody’s perfect, but this movie comes pretty darn close.

Rating: 5 out of 5 scandalous Monroe dresses


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