E.T. The Extra Terrestrial


When I was younger I was terrified of E.T., and rightfully so, he is pretty scary. But now I am proud to say I am no longer terrified of E.T., to be honest I’ve seen scarier looking people at my grandmother’s 55 and older community.

So basically, E.T. is about a lonely young boy named Elliot, who discovers an alien that was left behind by his family. Elliot grows a bond with the alien (who he names E.T.) and tries to hide him from the outside world with the help of his older brother and younger sister (played by Drew Barrymore). Obviously the kids in the movie are crazy adorable


The cute thing is the fact that his 41 year old.

But Drew Barrymore was actually the cutest thing ever.



I did not realize that her godfather is Steven Spielberg (who directed the movie), and that they are still really close. Apparently when Barrymore posed for Playboy at 19 (because isn’t that what we all do at 19? Also keep in mind that she went to rehab at age 13), Spielberg sent her a blanket and a note that read “cover up”.

When thinking about E.T. all I could really remember was the beginning, the whole dressing him up like a person thing, and when E.T. leaves and everyone cries. Apparently there is a lot of in between stuff too. Like the fact that E.T. and the boy have this psychic connection? And what every happens to E.T. happens to the boy? So if E.T. casually starts to drink alcohol the boy gets drunk in school, that’s only mildly concerning.

So it turns out that this movie is somewhat autobiographical for Spielberg. When he was younger and his parents got divorced he created a little imaginary alien friend, however I highly doubt his friend had the voice of a chain smoker. Oh fun fact, the voice of E.T. was an elderly chain smoking woman, cute right?

I mean obviously the end of the movie is like incredibly sweet and touching, but to be honest it’s not my favorite. I think the opinions of my younger self have tarnished the movie for me forever. I mean I know there are some incredibly adorable parts of the movie, but the whole mind alien connection thing still gives me the hebegebees. Honestly I would pick The Goonies over E.T. any day.

Rating: 3 out of 5 times Barrymore said something incredibly sassy


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