Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


Fun fact, Jimmy Stewart is the most represented leading actor in the AFI top 100 movies list, so clearly AFI loves Jimmy Stewart as much as I do, which is a lot. So obviously Mr. Smith Goes to Washington was going to be fantastic, but then you add in Frank Capra as a director (he also directed It Happened One Night and It’s a Wonderful Life) and you pretty much have the best movie ever.

Basically, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is about naive and patriotic senator Jefferson Smith (played by Jimmy Stewart) and his emergence into the crooked world of politics in Washington DC. But it’s all good because his assistant Saunders (played by Jean Arthur) totally has his back as other politicians try to manipulate him. And then there is a filibuster, Wendy Davis style, and it’s crazy inspirational, and I may have cried.

In my humble opinion, this movie is flawless. You have the humor and the inspiration and the deeper messages and the romance, and of course the Stewart. He is just too darn adorable for words.


And when Smith first arrives in DC, he is just so excited by everything, and has so much love for our country. My new goal in life is to love something as much as Smith loves America (I mean something more socially acceptable than ice cream).

But surprisingly, Jimmy Stewart is not the only thing I love about this movie (even though he’s like 60% why). Jean Arthur’s character is amazing and she totally deserves to be with Stewart (which is so hard for me to admit). And the movie as a whole is just so funny and smart and inspiring. Emphasis on the inspiring, I mean who doesn’t love an underdog story?

Apparently senators do not like an underdog story, when they saw an advanced screening, they were not huge fans of the movie. They believed that the movie was unpatriotic and showed the government as corrupt, and they were not digging it. Some of them even tried to have the movie banned. Fascist dictators in Europe actually had the movie banned in their countries.

I was personally baffled that some members of the United States government did not want the movie to be shown. I mean I understand that it shows some senators in a not so hot light, but there is so much more to the movie. I personally believe that it shows what makes our government great, a seemingly “average” person making a huge difference. Not to mention the selfless act of putting the well being of many over the well being of one person. I truly think it’s an amazing movie.

I think Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is completely inspirational, and needs to be watched by everyone, like as soon as possible.

Rating: 5 out of 5 times Jimmy Stewart looked crazy adorable in a hat

you’re welcome Jimmy Stewart


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