High Noon


So usually I’m not really into anything that takes place in a classic western kind of atmosphere. But the movie was only like 85 minutes long, and there was no ex-gun slinger trying to change his life in site, so I was pretty happy. In fact I was darn right inspired by the end of it.

So basically, High Noon, is about a small town marshall (played by Gary Cooper) who is about to leave town with his new wife (Grace Kelly), when criminal Fred Miller (who Cooper brought to justice) is going to arrive in town on the noon train. What is super cool about this movie is that it takes place in real time. So when the movie starts there is only about an hour until Miller returns to the small town.

Though the movie was good, I could not get behind the whole Cooper and Kelly relationship. It could be something to do with the fact that Cooper was 28 years older than her. When I saw the opening wedding scene, I legitimately thought that Cooper was giving his daughter away, but nope they were getting married, cute.


Kelly should really start co-staring with people her own age.

So Gary Cooper was totally a man’s man in this movie. He is all silent but caring, honestly he is everything you would want in a protagonist. And he is such a good person, and has such a strong moral compass, basically he is everything you hope you are. So when you see him struggle, or not succeed, it’s super upsetting, because if he can’t do, it doesn’t really give me much hope for any one else.

I was super surprised that I liked this movie, and it definitely made me want to be more like Gary Cooper’s character, except without the chaps. But apparently is was Eisenhower’s and Clinton’s favorite movie, so if that doesn’t make you want to watch it, I don’t know what will.

Rating: 4 out of 5 inappropriately large age differences between romantically involved characters


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