All About Eve


So everything I knew about this movie beforehand, I learned from Gossip Girl, which actually gave me a pretty good gist of what the movie was about. My least favorite character was portraying Eve, so obviously Eve was going to be super annoying. And it turns out Gossip Girl was absolutely spot on, but isn’t it always?

So basically, All About Eve, is about an aging screen actress named Margo Channing (played by Bette Davis), who becomes suspicious that her biggest fan Eve Harrington (played by Anne Baxter) is trying to undermine her and steal her spotlight. Oh and there is also some romance in there, because romances always make movies wonderful.

There may have been some intense yelling at my computer during this movie. It’s just so hard when Bette Davis is letting her life fall to pieces because of her jealousy of Eve. And no one is believing her, and it just makes you want to cry. It’s pretty much like the whole Ryan and Oliver situation in The O.C., except Davis’ boyfriend is so much better than Marissa (I promise that I definitely watch a normal amount of teen dramas). And you just want to make Davis snap out of it, but at the same you totally don’t trust Eve either, and then you realized that you are now completely invested in this movie, and there is no way out.

And just when you are about to start crying, because no body is siding with Bette Davis, her friends finally see what has been happening (not a spoiler because it’s totally in the middle of the movie), and they all ban together against Eve, and it totally makes your day (sometimes it’s hard to remember that these are not real people, it’s totally not a problem). Especially her boyfriend who is actually the greatest, even after they fight, he immediately rushes to her side after an awful article in the paper, because he loves her so much, and it’s like the best thing ever.

While I was green with envy about the amazing relationship Bette Davis had, I was wishing Eve would get hit by car. She is a huge bitch, and needs to be punched in the face. She was ranked as 23rd biggest villain in cinematic history (according to AFI) and I think she should be ranked higher. Because she is a terrible person, and I really hate her, like more than paper cuts, and I freakin hate paper cuts.

But this was actually an amazing movie. I seriously loved it, at everyone else did to, because it was nominated for fourteen Academy Awards, which is the most ever, tied with Titanic. And it is also the only movie to have four actresses nominated for their performances, because they were amazing, and should be recognized.

In case you did not realize, I loved this movie and would totally punched Eve Harrington in the face if I ever got the chance. Oh and a young Marilyn Monroe was in this movie, and she was crazy beautiful.


Rating: 5 out of 5 times Eve needed a serious bitch slapping


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