Double Indemnity


For me, film noir movies are hell-a sexy. You have the incredibly smooth male lead, with wonderfully deep voice. And then the woman comes in, with her low cut dress and deceptive damsel in distress. And then it’s basically just sexual tension for the rest of the movie. Even though the never seem to get together in the end, I’m totally okay with that, and that’s not usually what happens.

So bascially, Double Indemnity, is about an insurance salesman (played by Fred MacMurray) who falls for a devious wife (played by Barbara Stanwyck) who plans to murder her husband and receive money from his life insurance. Even though both characters are completely clothed the entire time, the movie gets super racy! Like during their first conversation things get incredibly heated. Seriously MacMurray is one smooth operator, if all guys flirted like he did in this movie, they would probably get a lot more action.

In the movie, Barbara Stanwyck is supposed to be like unbelievably sexy, and she is beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But her hair


the volume in those bangs is actually ridiculous. Apparently the phony look of her wig is supposed to mirror the phony aspect of her character. But it actually looks horrible.

And even though I love film noir, it always makes me so sad when the women always turn out to be such bitches. Because you almost start to trust them and then bam, they stab you in the back (sometimes literally). But that also kind of makes the movies more entertaining. Like you know the femme fatale is completely going to play the protagonist, but there is always like one or two more twists that always shock me completely.

Double Indemnity is actually like the picturesque film noir, it’s dark and sexy and everything a movie should be.

Rating: 4 out of 5 dramatic voice overs


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