Annie Hall


I am personally a big fan of Woodie Allen movies, Midnight in Paris is probably one of my favorite movies (because who doesn’t love Paris and the 1920’s?) and his other ones don’t suck either. I also love it when characters complain about being Jewish, the complaining may not even relate to my life in anyway, but I die laughing every time. Maybe I feel like it’s my obligation as a Jewish audience member. That’s probably why I think Adam Sandler is hysterical. But anywho, I think it’s impossible for me not to love this movie, you have the rom, you have the com, and you have a bitter little Jewish man, why more could you want?

So basically Annie Hall, is about a constantly complaining, death obsessed Jewish man (Woody Allen) and his failed relationship with Annie Hall (played by Diane Keaton). I mean if your looking for explosions, or gun fire, or basically anything except for constant conversation this is probably not the ideal movie. It’s pretty much and hour and half of Woody Allen bitching, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

And this movie has a young Christopher Walken, which is one of the best things ever. And his is crazy and creepy, what could be better than that? It’s actually amazing and he looks incredibly attractive


I really don’t need much of an excuse to have another picture of a young Christopher Walken

I’m sure everyone had their favorite scene in Annie Hall, I know for my dad it’s the scene in the movie theater when Woody Allen pulls out a director to completely discredit a precocious college professor. But for me it will forever and always be the cocaine scene. I actually crack up every time, apparently drugs and allergies are an unbeatable combination in terms of humor. And I just happen to have it right here for your viewing pleasure.


Apparently the joke was not originally written in the script but was thought of during rehearsal. Oh and another super fun fact about Annie Hall, the role was written for Diane Keaton, which makes sense considering that her original surname is Hall, and her nickname was Annie. Not to mention the fact that Keaton and Allen used to date. But Woody Allen says the film isn’t autobiographical, okay Woody Allen.

Even though the movie is hysterical and heartwarming, I could never be friends with Woody Allen. All he seems to do is complain, and sometimes you just want to have a nice day. I wonder how his wife deals with it (his current wife just happens to be his adoptive daughter with his ex wife, I don’t understand how people are not talking about this every single day). But in two hours doses you can’t help but love the adorable little Jewish man from New York, and the movies that he makes.

Rating: 5 out of 5 times I have watched the cocaine scene, and laughed whole heartedly



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