The Bridge on the River Kwai


You know, these movies are really not putting the Asian population in a positive light. First you have the Vietnamese playing Russian Roulette with their American prisoners in The Deer Hunter, and now a group of British soldiers are forced to build a bridged under brutal conditions in a Japanese prison camp in The Bridge on the River Kwai. Where is the movie about the nice Asian boy defying stereotypes and becoming a novelist? I’m assuming it’s on the list and I just haven’t watched it yet.

So basically The Bridge on the River Kwai, is about a group of British soldiers who arrive at a Japanese prison camp and are forced to build a bridge under horrendous conditions. At first the Japanese commander order all officers to manual labor, but the British commander is so not down for that, so he and his leading officers refuse to work. Eventually the Japanese leader caves, and the British commander thinks it’s super appropriate to tell the Japanese guy everything that is wrong with his bridge, and requests to start the bridge over.

I’m all for doing your job well, but these people are prisoners, making a bridge for the enemy. Why on Earth would you want to make your officers do more work to make a better bridge for the enemy. Save your crazy bridge building skills for Europe and remember which side your on, British guy with a super cool moustache.


While I was a little perplexed by the British commanding officer, I was super excited that the officers whistled the song from The Breakfast Club. (I choose to ignore the fact that The Bridge on the River Kwai was made thirty years before, and will always claim that the whistling was originated in The Breakfast Club).

So fun fact, after they filmed the huge explosion scene, they intended to send the film to London by boat. However, they were unable to because of the Suez crisis, so they had to fly the film. But the film got lost and there was a world wide search for the missing reels. About a week later they appeared in Cairo. The producers were worried that the film would be ruined after sitting in the sun in Egypt (and were super pissed at the thought of having to blow up another bridge) however, the film was totally fine, yay happy ending!

The movie was actually pretty good, it was super depressing, so I guess that’s the same thing? I mean it had all the good messages and made you think, and then a bridge exploded, so that’s pretty exciting. The acting was pretty stellar, and of course had the excellent whistling. And now I can cross off bridge builder as a future career.

Rating: 4 out of 5 impressively synchronized whistling sessions (as some one who can’t whistle, I find whistling very impressive)


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