The Treasure of Sierra Madre


The fact that Bogart was rocking a hat that even slightly resembled that of a cowboy’s was extremely concerning. That paired with the old timey western font had me convinced that the rest of the list was just made up of westerns and I should really just give up now. Fortunately, it turns out that this movie is not a “classic” western, and the movie caused me to despise it for an entirely different reason.

So basically, The Treasure of Sierra Madre is about three men Dobbs (Bogart), Curtin (Tim Holt) and Howard (Walter Huston) and their journey to find gold in Mexico. Though finding the gold is easy enough, the result of the riches causes the real hardship.

I adore Humphrey Bogart, I could totally get over the fact that he was not in a suit for a single frame of the film. But under no circumstance can I get behind a movie that portrays him as a villain. He starts out as this really sweet and enthusiastic poor man, and though I always love Bogart as the strong and silent type I could totally appreciate his innocent and optimistic character, but thrown in paranoia and mental instability and I am gone.


This is not the Bogart I enjoy watching

Humphrey Bogart

This is actually a million bajillion times better

Besides the heartbreak that is Bogart’s entire character I actually really liked the movie. You have the old timey gold diggin pro, Howard(who was actually the director’s father), and the incredibly sweet and relatively attractive other guy, Curtin. I would totally watch Holt’s other movies, if they weren’t all westerns.

If the movie’s goal was to make me never want to dig for gold ever, mission accomplished. It turns out 1920’s Mexico was not the nicest place in the world. On a train on their way to dig for gold, the protagonists’ train was ambushed by a group of bandits, after they left the conductor made his way through the car, happy that only a few passengers were killed. I would hate to be on a train where the death toll made him upset.

So it turns out that the movie won Best Directing and Best Supporting Actor for Walter Huston which means that a father son duo won for the same movie, which is pretty adorable. I mean the movie was really good, it had all of those moral lessons, and made you think or whatever. But it also made me dislike Humphrey Bogart, and for that I can never really love it.

Rating: 4 out of 5 extremely disconcerting laughs that came out of Humphrey Bogart


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