Dr. Strangelove


So I love Peter Sellers, ever since I was twelve and watched all of the Pink Panther movies in like two weeks. Word to wise, if you love Peter Sellers as I do, do not read his wikipedia page, it becomes a lot harder to love someone professional life, when their personal one was less than stellar. But despite my recent unfortunate Peter Sellers education, I still enjoyed Dr. Strangelove.

Basically Dr. Strangelove (or by it’s full name Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb), is a dark satire about a nuclear scare during the time of the Cold War.  The film shows three different perspectives of the nuclear crisis. The first is of a general who becomes completely unhinged and sends several airplanes to drop bombs onto Russia, basically starting a third world war. The second, is from one of the planes commanded to drop the bombs. And the third is from the War Room in the pentagon where the President, his advisors and military officials discuss how they should deal with this problem.

Peter Sellers being the amazing talent that he is played numerous parts, like Eddie Murphy in Norbit, except for the fact that Dr. Strangelove was actually funny. He plays the assistant to the unfortunate powerful and insane general who launches the attack


The President of the United States


And my personal favorite, Dr. Strangelove, an ex-Nazi advisor to the President


He is actually hahalarious

Apparently Sellers was supposed to play the Texan airplane pilot, but an injury forced the production team to select someone else.

I personally love satire, to be honest the only place I get my “real news” (because apparently entertainment news doesn’t count) is from The Colbert Reportand I am totally okay with that. And while the movie was excellent satire, it seriously scared the bejesus (I fell that 1950’s exclamations really captured my mood at the time) out of me. Even though in the beginning the film stated that something like this could never happen, what if it does happen? What if there was some huge indiscretion and we all end up living in mines like mole people? If it happened in the movies it can totally happen in real life! (I’m still waiting for my Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by the way)

I must say I enjoyed the movie, though it was a slightly different style of satire than I was used to, it was fun to watch, and it had Peter Sellers, so how can it be bad?

Rating: 4 out of 5 parts played by Peter Sellers


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