The Sound of Music


I think everyone wants to be a Von Trapp child. Not only do you get to live in a beautiful house and have fabulous “play” clothes, but Julie Andrews loves you as well, not even the Mary Poppins kids got that. I personally always wanted to be the oldest one, you get to have a secret romance with the telegram boy, and then proceed to use the word telegram as some kind of sexual secret code, what else could you want?

So in case you do not know, because you grew up without a childhood, The Sound of Music, is about a nun named Maria (played by Julie Andrews) and her work as a governance for the Von Trapp children during the Nazi invasion of Austria, oh and they all sing too. And of course Julie Andrews falls in love with the father (played by Christopher Plummer) because what kind of movie would it be if they didn’t?

I was actually super impressed with the movie’s use of actual children, they all totally looked the proper age


Except for the sixteen year old girl (the one on the far left), I have never met a sixteen year old that looked like that, which makes sense considering the actress was 23 at the time. But I honestly wouldn’t know what to do if an actual teenager played one in a movie.

Apparently it is common knowledge that the movie (and play) were based off of a true story? I don’t know where I was when they announced this, but I’m caught up to speed now. It’s been said that the real life Maria was crazy temperamental, and maybe even just a little crazy. However, I have chosen to ignore this fact, and just pretend that Julie Andrews and this “Maria” are actually just the same person.

And while everyone everywhere loves this movie, Christopher Plummer hated this movie. Apparently he called it “The Sound of Mucus”, and didn’t think the film would succeed. He later said that the movie “wasn’t his cup of tea” okay backpeddler.

I personally love the movie, how can you not when you have all of these amazing songs? It really makes me want to have a musical family. How can I possibly escape the clutches of an evil government take over if I have never even heard my family hum? The answer is I can’t, and it’s all because Julie Andrews was not my nanny.

Ultimately The Sound of Music is one of those movies that everyone loves, well unless your Christopher Plummer.

Rating: 5 out of 5 perfectly harmonized family musical numbers


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