King Kong


Ordinarily movies that begin with a discussion about the stupidity of romance go on my shit list (right under people who say they “don’t have time to watch television” and walnuts). But I decided to give the movie the benefit of the doubt, and I’m actually glad I did. I really liked it, which may have been do to the fact that this movie was totally a romance in the end.

So basically, King Kong is about this crazy director that wants to film a jungle movie on and island where a great beast lives. It’s quite risky and as a result, he hires an unknown to play the female lead (played by Fay Wray) in his movie. But once they arrive on the island the natives are less than hospitable, and Wray ends up being used as a sacrifice for the big huge ape named Kong. And the captain of the boat, who is obviously in love with her, tries to save her.

I’m actually kind of surprised I liked this movie after it not only bashed romance movies all together, but showed some pretty strong sexism. My favorite was when the captain of the boat said that women were a nuisance just by being on a boat. I had no idea we were so annoying. And there is this darling little actress who is so sweet, and he is just being such a douche. But it’s great because like two days later he is absolutely in love with her, and when she remembers that he said that he doesn’t like women, he replies “yeah, but your not women”. So because she is kind and beautiful she doesn’t fit the stereotype of women? Well excuse me.

Of course after he falls in love he is like the nicest guy ever, and risks his life for her and all that, so I can understand why she likes him and all. I feel like his entire story can be summarizes in a meme.

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 3.55.31 PM

So strangely enough, they did not have great technology in the 1930’s. So King Kong may have looked a little less than realistic


But I am still super impressed! Stop animation blows my mind, and it kind of looked like he was picking up these people?

I actually felt super bad for King Kong, not because he was killed on top of the Empire State Building, because I’m like 90% sure that climbing on top of the Empire State Building is illegal. But because he spent like a good forty minutes of the movie saving the ungrateful ass of the actress. Literally every time he looked away for a second, some new dinosaur was trying to eat her. It must have been super tiring for the ape. And then after he killed whatever threat there was, she would try to run away, seriously, talk about ungrateful. But on the bright side I do know who would win a fight of a T. Rex and King Kong (spoiler it’s King Kong).

So besides the whole sexist thing, I really liked the movie. It was so entertaining and crazy impressive for the 1930’s. It isn’t trying to be extremely deep or metaphorical, it just wants to be entertaining, and it succeeds. So, yay King Kong.

Rating: 4 out of 5 damsel in distress screams


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