Midnight Cowboy


So when I saw the title for this movie is was pretty much thinking “Dear God, not another western”, not “oh boy a drama about male prostitution”, which is far more relevant to the movie. But I mean male prostitution movies are not exactly easy to come by, so I wasn’t sure what a “classic” male prostitution movie would be named, I suppose a movie titled Pretty Cowboy would have been more of a give away.

So basically, Midnight Cowboy is about a man from Texas (played by Jon Voight) who moves to New York City in the hopes of becoming a successful male prostitute and befriends a crippled man (played by Dustin Hoffman). This movie definitely raised a lot of questions. For instance, is male prostitution like a thing? Are there actually man walking around buying there bread and paying their rent with money they received from having sex? I always got the impression that women can have sexual relations fairly easily, that if one was really sexually frustrated they could just walk outside, find a guy and get it taken care of. I had no idea some women actually pay for it, Sex and the City did not prepare me for this.

Apparently women in Midnight Cowboy were under the same impression as I was, because Voight barely had any income. Or maybe they just didn’t find him very attractive, I mean he had a fine body but there was something about his face that I just didn’t like, I mean judge for yourself

Honestly, would you pay to have sex with that?


Now I am in this constant of being in love with Dustin Hoffman, I mean he is actually adorable. But in this movie I would probably need to get all my shots before even considering being in the same room. He looks like a gross mo fo who hasn’t showered in weeks. And it makes me sad, because I love him, but it’s hard to get past this


And while I was not the biggest fan of male prostitution, the Academy Awards loved it, and Midnight Cowboy was the first X rated movie to win Best Picture (however the movie’s rating was later changed to R). I mean this movie did not make me want to be a prostitute (unlike Pretty Woman), so I guess that’s a good thing? The movie was fabulously acted (obvi because Hoffman was in it), and though I found Voight to be annoyingly innocent yet arrogant on occasion it was a good movie. To be honest, I was just happy it wasn’t a western.

Rating: 3 out of 5 horrendous cowboy outfits


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