The Philadelphia Story


So when you have my favorite actor old Hollywood, Jimmy Stewart, my second favorite Hepburn, and Cary Grant together in one movie I really don’t know what else I could want (besides my first favorite Hepburn). It’s basically like combining ice cream and hot fudge and brownies, you know it can never be bad. But this movie is better than not bad, it’s actually fantastic, but I wouldn’t expect anything less.

So basically, The Philadelphia Story is about a socialite (played by Katherine Hepburn), who is about to get married to some guy (he wasn’t Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart, so it wasn’t really important to me to learn his name), but things become more complicated when her ex-husband (played by Cary Grant), a tabloid journalist who wants to be so much more (played by Jimmy Stewart) and a photographer arrive at her home for the wedding.

Usually in a romantic comedy it’s pretty obvious who the heroine should be with (the answer is always Tom Hanks by the way). But in The Philadelphia Story there are some moments that I’m just not sure! You have the ex-husband who clearly still loves her, and knocks her off her high horse. But then here comes Jimmy Stewart with his beautiful words and his hatred of the whole elitist culture, which just makes him incredibly more attractive. Or maybe the choice is clearly Cary Grant, and my love of Jimmy Stewart just clouds my judgement, I mean it wouldn’t be the first time.

And honestly what is better than a drunk Jimmy Stewart? This is how I want to be woken up in the morning


Every morning that Jimmy Stewart is not carrying me while singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is just another morning of disappointment. The only thing that I can think of that is better that a drunk Jimmy Stewart, is a drunk Ron Swanson

All I want in the world is to play a drinking game with them.

And just when I was mildly upset that Audrey Hepburn, Bam! Everyone went to a party at the house that was also used to film Sabrina! (I promise my love of Audrey Hepburn is totally within a reasonable limit) But besides the lack of Audrey this movie is actually perfect. It’s funny and sweet and wonderful and intelligent, and nominated for six Academy Awards. And Jimmy Stewart won his Academy Award for this movie, so what more could you ask for? This movie is phenomenal, and not just because Stewart, Grant and Hepburn are in it. I mean that’s definitely part of it, but it’s not the whole reason.

Rating: 5 out of 5 times Jimmy Stewart was the most wonderful drunk journalist


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