One day I will love a western that does not include unbelievably attractive and charming Hollywood actors, but that day is not today. I think it’s a problem when you don’t really want to watch the movie to start with, and then you have issues watching the movie, I would take it as a sign not to watch the movie, but I don’t really have a choice. I can see how this movie would be a really great western, just can’t find it in me to enjoy classic western movies. I’m sure they are wonderful, they just don’t click with me, so I’m sorry Shane.

So basically, Shane is about a mysterious man (named Shane) with superior gun skills who arrives at a small family home in Wyoming, and becomes integrated into the family. However a group of a mean old men in beards orders the family and many other’s to leave the area, with serious consequences if they don’t. I think my main problem with the movie was the fact that I really did not enjoy the child in the movie. Usually I absolutely love the children in movies (see The Sixth Sense) but this kid was crazy annoying. Now I know all children are beautiful or whatever, and this is probably a terrible thing to say, but this child has a face that makes me want to punch a wall


Don’t give me that face, you know exactly how annoying you are. If one wanted to achieve alcohol poisoning I would highly suggest taking a shot every time the boy said “Shane”. Maybe if he was younger and cuter I would have liked the movie more, but I really couldn’t take it every time he opened his mouth.

However I really appreciated the fact that the music would dramatically change whenever an “evil” person would come on screen. At some point all of the white males on horseback start to look the same, and the change in music definitely helps me keep things straight.

Though the actor that played Shane was attractive and mysterious and all that, I seriously could not take him serious in his original ensemble


Shane is the one on the far right striking the oddly feminine pose in a completely suede outfit.

I mean I can see where this movie is loved, it has a nice message, and the underdog wins and all that. But it does not have Paul Newman nor Robert Redford in the opening credits, it also has an extremely large amount of people on horseback in chaps, so naturally I’m inclined not to be the movie’s biggest fan.

Rating: 3 out of 5 times the small boy did something incredibly irritating


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