It Happened One Night



(apologies for the semi creepy movie poster)

Apparently you need to be fabulously wealthy, and run away from your home to find a good man. It worked for Hepburn in Roman Holiday, and now it’s proven true by Claudette Colbert in It Happened One Night. And while it worked out for the best in these movies, I have this strange feeling that if I attempted to do this I would not end up with the attractive quick witted journalist, but in a ditch instead.

So if you couldn’t gather, It Happened One Night is about a socialite that jumps off her yacht to go be with her King husband in New York #firstworldproblems. However her upbringing does not prepare her for the real world when she attempts to travel by bus to New York, and a snarky journalist played by Clark Gable decides to help her on her journey. Obviously they do this without forming any feelings towards each other.

Not only is this film very entertaining, but it’s educational as well! In only an hour and forty five minutes, I learned about proper bus protocol, how to buy gas without any money, the decrease in value of the American dollar, and of course, the proper way to hitchhike.


I’m sure the car stopped because she looked like she had a nice personality.

This movie is super wonderful though, I mean I love chick flicks probably twice as much as the next person, but I can tell the good ones from the bad (For example When Harry Met Sally: good, How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days: bad). And It Happened One Night is a good one, good enough to be the first movie to win the big five at the Academy Awards (which means it won best picture, best actor and actress, best director and best screenplay). So that means there was actually a time when romantic comedies were considered as “real” movies, I think we should bring this mentality back, just saying that Sleepless in Seattle is a phenomenal movie and should be treated as such.

But It Happened One Night should really be one every one’s list, and if you think it’s too predictable than you need to leave because it’s nice to watch something predictable when life is less than foreseeable.

Rating: 5 out of 5 perfectly executed romantic comedy cliches


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