A Streetcar Named Desire


In case you were unaware, Marlon Brando is incredibly attractive.


Emphasis on the incredibly. Now in A Streetcar Named Desire he does some really terrible things, like physically and emotionally abuse his wife, and while you completely hate his character, you can’t help but find him insanely good looking. I think the only solution is that he needs to get old and fat so I can properly hate him.

So the rest of A Streetcar Named Desire (which does not include Marlon Brando) is about a southern belle named Blanche (played by Vivien Leigh) who visits her sister Stella, and her husband Stanley (played by Brando) in New Orleans. However, Blanche is no longer the beautiful southern belle, but rather a mild alcoholic with illusions of grandeur, and stays at her sister’s home indefinitely.

Fun fact about the movie (which is based off of the play), much of the original cast of the Broadway show was casted in the movie, actually all of the major roles except for Blanche. So Marlon Brando was originally a stage actor, and this film was only his second major motion picture. Of course he immediately became a sex symbol after the movie, it must have been those super tight t-shirts.

Unfortunately Leigh felt slightly ostracized during filming, because all of the actors had already know each other. So then she turned this feeling of isolation towards the insanity of Blanche, and obviously is paid off. Vivien Leigh was actually amazing in this role, however it may have been do to the fact that Vivian Leigh was diagnosed with bipolar disorder later in life, and often called herself Blanche. Which is pretty upsetting, like the movie.

I mean the movie is wonderful, amazingly performed and everything. If you want to see Marlon Brando is ripped shirts yelling out “Stella” then I would totally recommend this movie, but if your craving anything besides depressing I would go elsewhere.

Rating: 5 out of 5 tight Marlon Brando t-shirts


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