Rear Window


It’s pretty hard not be jealous of Grace Kelly, she’s absolutely beautiful, she gets to be a movie star, and then casually becomes a princess. And if that wasn’t enough she gets to play opposite Jimmy Stewart, I’m fairly certain I turned green while watching this movie. Jimmy Stewart is actually the best person ever, he’s like second to Audrey Hepburn, and it’s a relatively close second. Doesn’t matter, old or young, comedy or drama, I love me some Jimmy Stewart, so I’m pretty sure Rear Window was impossible for me not to like.

So basically Rear Window is about photographer Jimmy Stewart, who broke his leg, and spends his days in his apartment, looking into the windows and lives of his neighbors. However things that a turn and Stewart suspects one of his neighbors murder their wife. So I suppose creeping on your neighbors is how people spent their time before Netflix, it’s a little unsettling though, think of how many murders have gone unseen because of Battlestar Galactica or Orange is the New Black.

Even though Jimmy Stewart was over forty I still love him, but it was probably not the preferable condition to have his shirt off. I don’t understand why they were unable to write in a shirtless scene in It’s a Wonderful Life or Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, the CW manages to do it every week with ease.

This movie got super intense though, the last half hour involved some yelling at inanimate objects that I am not proud of. It was crazy suspenseful, and there was no blood or knives or guns, how does Hitchcock do it? The only thing was filmed in one room, showing the happenings in the other apartments from the same distance as Stewart and Kelly, and I had hide my eyes because I couldn’t take the anxiety. This movie was the perfect combination of funny and suspenseful and even romantic at some points. I really really liked it, and I didn’t think I would, well alright I knew I would, but I thought the love of the movie would be attributed more to my love of Jimmy Stewart than anything else. But the whole movie was amazing, I mean don’t get me wrong, Jimmy Stewart was by far the best part, but that is kind of a given.

Rating: 5 out of 5 times Grace Kelly looked ridiculously elegant


just a casual night in with Jimmy


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