Taxi Driver


So I think I’m done having my emotions destroyed by Robert De Niro, can’t we go back to the time when he asked Ben Stiller if he could be milked? Sure that role didn’t exactly win him an Academy Award, but at least he wasn’t shot.

Basically Taxi Driver, is about Robert De Niro (who is a taxi driver), and his life after he returns from the Vietnam War and suffers from insomnia, leading him to drive the taxi at night. This movie could totally be a sequel to The Deer Hunter, except with less shooting, which is surprising for a Martin Scorsese movie.

And while De Niro isn’t driving a taxi or trying to woo Cybill Shepard, he is helping 12 year old prostitute Jodie Foster. And while working with Martin Scorsese is obviously a huge honor, I can’t imagine parents being okay with their 14 year old daughter playing a prostitute and making out with someone twice her age. Can’t they just pull a High School Musical and have the kids actually be like 22 but just look like 12?

At least Robert De Niro was crazy attractive all while being actually crazy. Apparently he lost 35 pounds while filming, and it seriously worked for him,


However, New York City was not quite as pretty. I’m confused as to what people did during the day in the city during the 1970s, while the prostitutes were sleeping and strip clubs were closed. De Niro wasn’t kidding when he said the city was like scum, it was actually frightening.

Even though I really liked the movie, I was still confused by De Niro’s character. Why would you ever take a girl to a porn movie on a date? He said he didn’t know how she would feel about it, but doesn’t common sense tell you, that she probably wouldn’t like it? I mean I know he was away in Vietnam for a while, but I feel like this is something people just understand. But on the bright side I was able to see how people watched porn before the computer, and it looks hell-a awkward, teenage boys rejoice. All and all it was a good movie, Robert De Niro was actually amazing, even with his poor hair choices.

Rating: 4 out of 5 extremely concerning images of New York City in the 1970s



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