The Deer Hunter


I would not recommend this movie to my worst enemy, actually scratch that, I would because I would want to traumatize them for being such a huge bitch. I really had no idea what to expect walking into this movie, I mean I knew it was so incredibly long war movie, but was it going to be more horrible Saving Private Ryan or more manageable Platoon. Well it was definitely not manageable.

So basically, The Deer Hunter, is about a group of friends who are drafted into the Vietnam War. The film follows the friends (played by Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken and John Savage) from their small town in Pennsylvania to Thailand and back again. I was totally fine in the first hour of the film, I mean weddings are super happy and Meryl Streep and Walken are making an amazing couple. I mean Robert De Niro shot a deer which I was not so happy about, but it turned out they used a tranquilizer dart, so I could totally deal with that.

Then they went to Thailand.

I had lightly researched the movie, seeing how long it was, did it win any awards, and then a highly controversial Russian Roulette scene appears, and I’m thinking oh, I know what roulette is,



Kind of strange to play during a war though.


Oh wait no it’s the kind of roulette that makes you cry yourself to sleep


Apparently there is some controversy about whether the Russian Roulette actually happened to POWs, and about the insulting portrayal of the Vietnamese, but the point is that it could have happened, in any war…so there.

I also made the mistake of “accidentally reading the plot summary about 3/4 through the movie (I really needed to know if Christopher Walken was going to be okay!) and I almost stopped watching the movie. But actually, that has never happened before, I really just wanted to turn it off and pretend that The Deer Hunter never happened, but alas I watched the end, and it was terrible.

But on the bright side! Christopher Walken was crazy attractive. It’s been said that he doesn’t like watching his early movies because he thought he was too pretty. Well that is not a complaint of mine. And Robert De Niro could have been crazy attractive too if he didn’t have that weird beard thing in the beginning.  Just look how crazy good looking he is!


I still find it hilarious that he has his old Christopher Walken voice coming out of his young Christopher Walken body. And Walken and Streep were actually the most beautiful couple ever.

But seriously, do not watch this movie, unless you hate yourself. I mean it was an absolutely amazing movie, but it was completely terrible. I will not being getting over this anytime soon.

Rating: 5 out of 5 times I was this close > < to turning off the movie to stabilize my emotions


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