I am extremely proud that I was not scared while watching Jaws, I was able to watch the movie that gave my mother “nightmares for weeks” without hiding my eyes once. I’m sure the fact that I watched it in the middle of the day with every possible light on only made it scarier.

So basically, Jaws is about a small beach town in the North East that is victim to a great white shark. The chief of police of the town (played by Roy Schneider who is completely different than Rob Schneider), works to hunt the shark with a shark expert (played by Richard Dreyfus). Spielberg had an excellent method of making everyone really upset, just have the shark eat every small child and animal in the water. It totally worked on me, butI completely understand killing off the slutty teenage girl first, I feel like that’s kind of a given. And it really teaches you not to go skinny dipping in the ocean, unless if your in Europe I guess.

The mayor of the town was pretty terrible though, I’m pretty sure it was the exact same mayor as the one in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, except it was food instead of sharks. I mean they even look the same


well if the one from Jaws was animated.

I personally thought the last third of the movie was the most thriller-y, there is nothing worse than having your boat sink like the Titanic with a great white shark swimming in the water (obviously I know from experience). I was just a little perplexed when they sent Dreyfus into the cage underwater. I know he is the shark expert and all, but he took off his glasses before getting into the tank, and was assigned to shoot the shark in the mouth, doesn’t that require some kind of accurate vision? I don’t know, I wasn’t on the boat.

So in case you were unaware, the filming of Jaws was not smooth sailing (I think I’m almost too clever). The filming took 100 more days than scheduled, and they spent double what they were supposed to. The electronic sharks were not working, however this actually benefitted the movie. It forced the filmmakers to utilize sound and editing to create horror without the use of the shark, ultimately creating a better movie. But this did not ease tension on the set, and Spielberg actually missed the last day of filming for fear that his crew would blow him up with a shark. It’s now a super adorable tradition that Spielberg is never present on the final day of filming. But look at this super adorable picture


What I did not realize is that this movie revolutionized the industry and created the whole summer blockbuster phenomenon. Although I highly doubt that beach towns were so thrilled with the timing of release.

Rating: 4 out 5 electronic sharks


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