I am not the biggest fan of country music. I mean I can do the cross over stuff just fine, but the true blue country songs just don’t do it for me. So when Nashville had over an hour of country music in it, I was less than thrilled. Ironically the music was my favorite part, while the movie left me less than satisfied.

Nashville, details the lives of 24 people over the span of 5 days. Some are country stars, others are aspiring singers, and some are just average people. None of the characters are particularly awesome, I understand that everyone is flawed and what not, but some of them where just flat out annoying. A majority of the characters looked like they were stoned for the entire movie, even though I doubt that was in their character description.

My favorite character was a singer by the name of Tom, who is in a rock trio called Bill, Mary and Tom. While it may be due to the fact that he looks like Josh Holloway, he was still a good character. Classic womanizer who is in love with a woman he can’t be with, he is so tortured, and plays the guitar.  So what more can you ask for? And then he sings this song “I’m Easy” which was wonderful, and incredibly attractive.

At first I was totally rooting for the army solider to get with a singer named Barbara Jean. He was following her around like crazy, and I was convinced that they were madly in love. But no, she was married, and then I was sad. Because I spent far too long wishing for them to have a scene together, only to be disappointed.

And when the film wasn’t ruining my hope for love, it was crazy depressing. Nobody in this movie was happy. You have one girl who just wants to sing, but apparently she can’t, so uh oh looks like she has to be a stripper now. You have a sweet old man, who has a God awful niece, who needs to get back on the plane as soon as possible. Even the successful country singers aren’t happy, what’s that about? It was like one of those huge holiday ensemble movies, except I didn’t know any of the actors, it was better written, there was more music, and nobody was happy in the end. Well at least the ensemble thing is the same.

Rating: 3 out of 5 terribly tacky country outfits


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