Duck Soup


So I love the Marx Brothers, if it wasn’t clear before. They are wonderful, and deserve all the praise that they receive. That being said, this is not my favorite Marx Brother’s movie. I know it’s considered the best, a comedy classic and all, but to be honest I like A Night at the Opera better. I find Duck Soup to be slightly unorganized, and lacking a true hero to root for. Though comparatively the movie does not stand out for me, it is still a wonderful film in the general sense.

Basically, the movie is about a fictional country call “Freedonia”, Groucho Marx is called in to be the new leader, while the ambassador is attempting to take over the country. The ambassador uses Chico and Harpo Marx as spies, trying to discover the country’s secrets, and their plans for war.

Probably the most famous scene of the movie is the “Mirror Scene” which is pretty amazing, and kind of saves the film for me, just look:

I also discovered how easy it is to look like Groucho Marx. All you need is some glasses, a cigar, and a big moustache. I’m sure “Slutty Groucho Marx” costumes will be hitting college campuses this Halloween.

This is also the last film featuring the four Marx brothers, although I feel like Zeppo Marx was like those plain munchkins at the bottom of the box. None the less, I’m sure it was sad. Apparently Zeppo was the funniest Marx brother off camera, even though he usually played the normal character.

According to Wikipedia, Duck Soup was considered a flop during the time. But now it’s considered one of the greatest comedies of all time, how Van Gogh of them. One of the reviewers of the movie, said that you needed someone or something to root for in the movie. And I couldn’t agree more, while the movie is wonderful, some kind of subplot with a clear story is always necessary for me.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Groucho Marx moustaches


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