Sullivan’s Travels


After the whole Network dilemma, I thought it would be an excellent idea to look up movies, even if I thought I knew what they were about. Turns out Sullivan’s Travels is completely different than Gulliver’s Travels, thus proving my new method and effective one. I had never really heard of Sullivan’s Travels, and I was had no idea who any of the actors where, so of course I was intrigued. And I’ll be damned, but it was quite a good movie.

So basically, the movie is a satire about a Hollywood director (played by Joel McCrea), who feels that he has not suffered enough in his life, so he journeys out into the world with nothing but ten cents in his pocket, hoping to run into some trouble. He meets a beautiful aspiring actress (played by Veronica Lake) and she joins him on his journey. And spoiler alert, they may fall in love. But what kind of 1940’s movie would this be if they didn’t?

First off, Lake is stunning


She is pretty much owning the 1940’s here, and McCrea is adorable. And he is so tall, and she is so short, just look


Even if they were both hideous, the film is really good. It’s really well written, provided a lot of comedy with some social commentary. And then there is a love subplot, honestly what more can you ask for? And despite the directors desire for some tragedy, he eventually realizes the importance of comedy, which I am all for.

At one point I was screaming at my computer (an activity I usually reserve for Scandal), because when you know something is about to happen, it makes it far worse to watch. But it’s okay, because everything works out in the end (I would say spoiler alert, but it’s a movie in the 1940’s). I really just hope that the aspiring actress really loved the director, not just for his connections, but because he was so darn smart and adorable.

Rating: 5 out of 5 adorable people pretending to be poor


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