I love musicals, my VHS tape of Grease broke from over usage and I have a somewhat ridiculous amount of songs on the Broadway playlist on my iPod. I had never seen Cabaret before, but I was super excited, because it’s a musical. What I didn’t know, is that all of the songs take place on the stage on a less than classy night club. But often, less than morale characters make a better than expected movie. Or a movie based off a play based off a book.

Basically the movie is about a Cabaret performer in Berlin during the beginning of the Nazi regime. The movie also shows the performers relationship with an English teacher from England.

So I was super excited to see Lucille 2 (apparently she also goes by Liza Minelli) on the big screen, but was slightly concerned that all of that dancing was going to trigger her Vertigo, unless it did, and she has truly excellent acting skills. I was kind of of upset, because her character really wasn’t that awesome. I personally felt that she was a much less awesome version of Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (which may have something to do with my insane love of Audrey Hepburn), but I don’t understand why Michael York would fall for her. She has extremely obvious daddy issues, and wears far too much eye make up, see


Alright I’m done bashing Minelli’s character, she was a very good singer.

Even though the movie featured Nazis, the scariest part was definitely this guy


And then he just kept coming back, no matter how many times I hid my eyes.

Despite this the music was jamming. But this is not some happy go lucky, songs solve problems musicals. It’s creepy and depressing, but was still enjoyable to watch.

Rating: 4 out of 5 over shadowed eyes



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