I just realized that I have not watched a Clint Eastwood movie in it’s entirety (excluding this movie of course), and therefore had not been exposed to the full force of the Clint Eastwood voice. Does he actually talk like that in real life? Did he even talk that way as a child? Does he talk that way when telling a knock knock joke or ordering ice cream? Could you imagine having small talk about the weather with that voice? I don’t understand how your throat doesn’t become soar. But that is entirely beside the point, the point is that I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I really didn’t think I was going to like it, but damn Clint Eastwood, I liked it.

So Unforgiven is about this retired cowboys who did the whole robbing trains, killing women and children thing, but changed his ways when he met the love of his life, but after his wife dies he agrees to take on one more job for financial reasons. It seems like every cowboy is always just taking one last job, I guess it’s like when you tell yourself your only going to watch one more episode of TV before you go to sleep. But at least the job was somewhat respectable, he was on the hunt for two men who had cut a prostitute, which sounds weird, but was actually pretty horrible.

Of course Clint Eastwood leaves behind his children when he takes this “final” job, which is whatever, I’m sure they didn’t have care.com in those days, but these kids are only like 7 maybe 8 years old, and you’re leaving them alone for at least 2 weeks? This is how children develop daddy issues.

And while Clint Eastwood is riding along, who does he recruit but Morgan Freeman, and it’s pretty much a duel of fabulous voices from then on. It was just really awkward when Freeman has relations with a prostitute, isn’t he supposed to be God?

I was also amazed at Eastwood’s identifying abilities. The prostitutes show him a sketch of the men, and he is able to look at a man riding on a horse half a mile away and say “there he is”, I can barely do that after stalking someone’s Facebook.

Even though the whole western thing is a little been there done that, I felt like the movie really put a different kind of outlook on the whole thing. The whole cowboy-outlaw persona took a much darker turn, showing a lot of the negatives of the profession. Unlike Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, I definitely did not want to be a cowboy, but that could have been a result of a lack of Redford and Newman.

Rating: 4 out of 5 intense Eastwood stares



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