So I love Dustin Hoffman. I love him having an affair with an older woman, I love him as a reporter for the Washington Post, and I even love him in women’s clothing. To be perfectly honest I don’t think I would have enjoyed Tootsie as much, if not for Dustin Hoffman. In terms of cross dressing movies, it is right above Mrs. Doubtfire and miles below Some Like it Hot. And though it is a less than original concept, the movie presents some new ideas, and makes you think.

In case you initally associate Tootsie with the candy, the movie is about an a struggling actor, played by Hoffman, who decides to audition as a women, and gets the part. Of course he falls in love, but his love interest believes that he is woman, and she does not roll that way.

For me, the best character (besides Hoffman of course) was Bill Murray, who played Hoffman’s roommate. But I think it’s borderline impossible for Bill Murray to be not funny in a movie. I also felt really bad for Hoffman’s female actor friend named Sandy. This poor girl is led on by Hoffman throughout the entire movie. She even tells him that if he doesn’t like her, he needs to be honest so she can move on, but there goes Hoffman telling her that he likes her, when he is really love with someone else, seriously not cool, and as a man pretending to be a woman, he should know better.

I didn’t really have an opinion about the movie until I saw the interview Dustin Hoffman did with the American Film Institute, about the movie Tootsie. In the interview, Hoffman said that the role really changed with perspective on women. He realized that before the movie he wouldn’t really talk to a woman that wasn’t very attractive, but throughout filming, he would ask the makeup department to make him look prettier, until he realized that he was playing a interesting and strong female character who wasn’t attractive. And how ashamed he felt about his treatment of unattractive women. If you would like to see the interview it is conveniently located!

I was also very happy when they sang “Mary’s a Grand Old Name” from Yankee Doodle Dandy, it was like everything was connected! Oh gosh I’m just becoming so cultured! The movie was everything it needed to be, heartwarming, funny and thought provoking. It was also an extremely pleasant change of pace from A Clockwork Orange.

Rating: 4 out of 5 references to other movies


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