In the Heat of the Night


I personally love Sidney Poitier, he is one the classiest men ever. He absolutely rocks the suits and remains level headed in some pretty terrible situations. Oh and he was the first black man to win an Academy Award, so I’m pretty much a fan of any movie he is in. And although I personally prefer Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, this movie was good, and touched on some touchy topics in a very touchy time.

So basically the movie is about a black Philadelphian police officer (played by Poitier) helping police solve a homicide in a very racist Mississippi town. From the line “They call me Mister Tibbs” you know Poitier doesn’t take shit from anyone, especially the ignorant folks of Sparta Mississippi. It’s weird because today, you don’t really think the movie is pushing the envelope, but after some light Googling, it seems that this movie was in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement, and was really quite taboo for the time. The scene in which Poitier slaps a white man for slapping him, was the first time a black man had ever really hit a white man on screen, and it was a big deal.

That damn Sidney Poitier really makes you think, whether you want to, or not. And obviously the rest of the actors where amazing as well. At certain points, I felt pretty sick to my stomach, which was probably the intention, although nothing was better than watching Poitier put a bigot in their place. The movie had some really important messages about racism, and is very effective when watched.

Rating: 4 out of 5 classy ass suits


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