Modern Times


So I find it so amazing that a movie can say so much, without really saying anything (because it’s a silent movie and all). You got Charlie Chaplin, rockin the Hitler moustache before it was anti-Semitic, as “The Tramp”, trying to make some money, when it was incredibly hard to do so. And of course, he falls in love with a homeless woman (apparently he has a thing for poor females?) and tries to create a home for them. The film was incredibly sweet and very cutting edge, even though the film refused to evolve technologically. While films were meant to entertain, Chaplin wanted to educate. By using humor, he was able to point out some intense flaws in the industrial time period. Like comparing the workers of the industrial period to sheep, I see what you did their Charlie, I’m very observant.

But seriously, we need to talk about how adorable “The Tramp” is, with his little walk and hat and cane. I mean I appreciate the social commentary as much as the next person, but the walk just kills me every time.


It’s actually ridiculous.

Oh, and the girl is also super attractive. I’m sorry but a woman that beautiful is never homeless. She may have resorted to exotic dancing, but she is not homeless. And what happened to her sisters? She cries when they get taken away, but then makes no attempt to find them? “The Tramp” would make the best father ever, and they could totally raise them together, but whatever.

And the end is so shocking. I don’t know about you, but towards the end of a silent movie I am dying to know what the voices of the actors sound like. But I never actually expect to hear them, like when that French guy talked in The Artist, my jaw hit the ground. And it’s not even some shocking twist, like we found out his lover was really his aunt or something, but I find it incredibly shocking when someone in a silent movie talks. So when “The Tramp” had to sing I was thinking there is no way that’s gonna happen. But then he totally did! I’m serious this was like the series finale of Gossip Girl all over again. I was in shock, and all Charlie Chaplin had to do was open his mouth.

I’m actually amazed that an actor can remain mute, but make everyone fall in love with him. Now I can’t really blame Oona O’Neill for wanting to get with that. I mean, it may have caused less of a stir if she wasn’t an 18 year old marrying someone who was 54, but they were married for the rest of his life, so I guess that makes it okay? I mean they still had eight kids together, so props to him and all.

Oh and fun fact! This movie was actually the last film featuring “The Tramp”, so it’s kinda nice that he had a happy ending.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Not anti-Semitic Charlie Chaplin moustaches


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