The Apartment


I am a huge fan of Some Like it Hot, so when I saw that both Jack Lemmon and Billy Wilder were a part of this movie, I was super excited. But to be perfectly honest I didn’t love the movie as much as I thought I would, and I’m not sure if it’s a result of too high expectations or the fact that the movie didn’t deliver.

So basically the movie is about a super sweet C.C. Baxter played by Jack Lemmon, who rents out his apartment to his bosses for their affairs in hopes of getting a promotion, but obviously things get more complicated as he falls for one of the mistresses.

The premise seemed adorable, and I really loved the first half of the movie, but I just couldn’t get behind the love interest played by Shirley MacLaine. She looked awesome enough in the beginning, but it just made me so angry that she couldn’t see how amazing Jack Lemmon was. He was actually the cutest person ever, and needed someone to appreciate him (and if it was fifty years ago I totally would have volunteered), not someone who ditches him for her married boss. And I do feel crazy hypocritical, I mean I was way more okay with the cheating husband in Sunrise, and should probably be a lot nicer to Shirley MacLaine, but she strung Jack Lemmon along, and that is not okay with me.

I also really hope that Jack Lemmon washed his sheets constantly, because otherwise that is crazy gross and unsanitary.

For me Jack Lemmon totally made the movie. I mean all of the supporting characters where fine, but Shirley MacLaine was just like Kate Hudson in Almost Famous, besides the more obvious fact that they both needed to get their stomachs pumped, they needed to realize how much they were loved, and who they were loved by.

And that’s the way the movie crumbled, cookie wise.

Rating: 3 out of 5 misters and their mistresses


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