I’ve only seen two silent movies in my life, City Lights and The Artist. And even though the later is indeed a silent movie, I feel like it’s a horse of a completely different color, and don’t really consider it to be a silent movie, and it’s basically impossible not to like City Lights, so I was a little nervous to spend an hour and a half with nothing to listen to but an orchestra. But honestly, I freakin loved this movie.

So basically it’s about a man and a wife who are madly in love and live together on a farm and are super happy. But then this little home wrecker from the city comes along and begins to have an affair with the man. The mistress is super creepy looking, and pretty bat-shit crazy.


Well she doesn’t look super crazy here, but I promise she is! Google images isn’t doing her justice.

Any who she convinces the man to kill his wife so they can be together and move to city, where apparently everyone dances like this.


So the evil plan is to take his wife on a boat ride, capside the boat, and then the husband would let her drown while he uses some special floating plant (because apparently no one can swim). And the man is just about to do it! But he can’t because he loves his wife, but he looks seriously possessed when he about to kill her, and obviously his wife is terrified and runs away, and he spends the rest of the movie trying to get her back. She forgives him and they spend an amazing day madly in love and it’s the most adorable thing ever.

In retrospect I really shouldn’t love this movie so much, a man cheats on his wife and almost kills her, but I can’t help but root for their relationship. Just look how adorable they are together,


Cause she’s just so little, and he’s so big and it’s just so adorable! They go dancing and get an adorable portrait and chase after drunken pigs, I can’t it’s too cute.

At the end of the movie, I was over come with envy of their adorable relationship, well except for the whole cheating thing. I know I should be angry and disapprove of their relationship, but damn it Sunrise, I can’t stay mad at you.

Oh and fun fact! So the actress who played the wife, one the Best Actress Academy Award in it’s first year of 1929. But at that time you didn’t win an award for a single movie, but rather for a whole body of work throughout the year. I’m sure all of my friends will find that fascinating.

Rating: 5 out of 5 drunken pigs


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