So I have a theory about Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, and I’m like 99.99% sure that I’m right. I think that they are actually madly in love and realized that they need to be together (like everyone else does), but didn’t want to be together until they felt that they had both become successful (not causing all that career envy that obviously ends relationships) and had each won an Oscar. So Kate has totally held up her end of the bargain, but Leo hasn’t won his yet, and therefore they can’t be together. And if you think about this it’s totally the reason that he wants an Oscar so badly! So he can be with the woman he loves, no matter how desperate his seems. It also explains why he is just biding time, dating all these models, just waiting for Kate Winslet. And yeah I know Kate Winslet is married and all, but she’s been married before and it didn’t work out! Clearly she is madly in love with Leo, I mean they call each other best friends, they need to stop being so ridiculous and get married like yesterday.

But back to Titanic, so I know everyone thinks this movie is so overrated, and just an excuse to eat ice cream and cry (which okay it totally is), but obviously this movie couldn’t be terrible, I mean it won 11 Academy Awards. And they don’t give those to the movies that suck. I am not ashamed to admit that I like Titanic, it is a good movie, with  or without ice cream. And Leo was totally at his most attractive, so that doesn’t hurt either.


Seriously, this is a  fine looking man.

And I know everyone’s problem with the ending. Of course Rose was a huge bitch who should have moved over, and yeah she let go, I completely understand a beef with that. Especially when Kate Winslet refused to wear her wet suit while filming the scene and got pneumonia. I’m sorry, but if you aren’t smart enough to wear a wet suit while filming in water for days at a time, your character deserves to die, regardless of what the script says. However my biggest problem with Rose was when she said, “I’m so cold” while resting comfortably on her door. Meanwhile your boyfriend is in chest deep in freezing water with a not life vest and a shirt rolled up to his elbows and I don’t hear him complaining.

But honestly, if I was ever in some kind of horrible situation, I would definitely want Jack by my side. He has some serious survival skills, and totally would have made it (and should have made it) if he wasn’t so concerned about Rose. He should have been more concerned about his nice Italian friend, Fabrizio! Guess he forgot about him, when Winslet came along, not cool Leo.

Okay I’ll admit I cried, I’m not made of stone and don’t pretend to be. I could blame hormones but I always cry during the same parts of the movie. When ever there is a third class women trying to calm her children I loose it, and the scene when Rose jumps off the life boats and runs to Jack, and then he tells her that she is so stupid for doing that, the tears just start flowing.

Honestly, this is a solid movie, and should not be undervalued because girls like to watch it after they break up with a boyfriend.

Rating: 4 out of 5 random Fabrizio sightings


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