A Night at the Opera


When I was younger, my family took a trip to the Galapagos Islands. It was beautiful, but the televisions were lacking, a big issue for a me. Luckily the hotel had a very large classic movie collection, so every evening we would watch a different Marx Brother’s movie, and every night I would fall  in love with the Marx Brothers. So obviously I was so excited to have a reason to watch A Night at the Opera again.

So basically, the movie is about a less than honest Groucho Marx trying to make some money (isn’t it always?). So he decides to get behind an aspiring opera singer, who is managed by Chico Marx and friends with Harpo Marx. The opera singer is not well know, but madly in love with the female lead of the opera (she loves him too, and they sing opera in each other’s faces, apparently it’s romantic). So the whole lot move to New York City to get a career for the aspiring opera singer and all sorts of shenanigans occur, as in any Marx Brother’s movie.

Not only do I posses a great admiration for the Marx Brothers, but I have a great amount of useless knowledge about them as well. Thanks to an oral presentation in seventh grade, I was required to learn everything I could about the Marx Brothers. Unfortunately I think I found it significantly more interesting than my class mates, but none the less, I think it’s interesting to know that Harpo stopped speaking in performances because of an unfavorable review of his performance in  newspaper. And in case you couldn’t guess, Harpo got his name from his incredibly talent of playing the harp, while not incredibly original, you have to admit it’s better than his birth name of Adolph.

As a kid I thought the movie were hysterical, but a few years later you realize these are some pretty racy movies! I was so surprised to hear so many sexual innuendoes from a movie from the 30’s. Quite risque Mr. Marx. And while I absolutely loved the wit, a few things about this movie baffled me. For example, I would like to know what kind of opera involves a clown and a milk maid as the two leads. It’s times like those that I wish I spoke Italian.

Perhaps the most infamous scene of the film, is the scene in which a multitude of people decide they need to go into Groucho’s tiny living space on the boat. Honestly I die laughing every time and highly recommend you watch it, and look its right here!

For me the Marx Brothers can do no wrong.

Rating: 5 out 5 Marx Brothers (counting Zeppo and Gummo)


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