Bringing Up Baby


I seriously love me some Cary Grant. I don’t care, I’ll take him aging and grey in Charade or pushing Katherine Hepburn in the face in The Philadelphia Story. So obviously I was thrilled to see Grant as an adorable and bubbling paleontologist (I’m assuming that’s what he did, working with a dinosaur and all like Ross from Friends). And equally as thrilled to see Katherine Hepburn, arguably one of the best actresses of all time, in the movie as well. Though I enjoyed the movie thoroughly,  I think I was expecting to like it more, which left me slightly discouraged at the end.

Basically the movie involves Grant an innocent paleontologist in need of a million dollar grant, who meet Hepburn a spacey and enthusiastic women who gets Grant into all sort of shenanigans. And of course, they fall in love, because I don’t know how a movie like this could possibly end any other way. Thank goodness Grant falls for Hepburn, because his first fiance had as much sexuality as a loaf of bread, and not even the delicious white bread, but the organic gluten free bread that your uber healthy aunt buys.

So I expected to love Hepburn in every way, as I do in most of her movies. And I’m sure the kind of naive, silly socialite type persona was supposed to be endearing, but I found it kind of self centered. She really didn’t have any regard for anyone else. Instead of getting a ticket for parking in front of a fire hydrant, she steals the car parked next to her. Hepburn was also very childish, regarding her relationship with Grant. To get him to stay, she stole his clothes and had them sent out. I’m sorry but this isn’t an elementary school playground. To be honest I probably would have hated the character if it wasn’t played by Katherine Hepburn. And one question, what exactly is the thing on her head supposed to be?

bringing-2-copy2And what kind of function is it supposed to serve?

I think I’m just disappointed because I though I was going to love this movie, and only ended up liking it, and now I’m sad. Thank god the leopard was cute.

Rating: 3 out of 5 ridiculous headpieces


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