Sophie’s Choice


So my junior year of high school my history teacher thought it would be an excellent idea to show us Sophie’s Choice, and you know, I could respect that. We were learning about the Holocaust and he clearly had a thing for Meryl Streep. I was stupid enough to think that we were actually going to watch Sophie’s Choice, not the two minutes when Sophie has to make her actual heartbreaking choice. Needless to say it completely spoiled the movie, and I will never forgive him for that. Not to mention the fact that those two minutes are supposed to be completely heartbreaking, and out of context they really don’t elicit that much emotion. I was hoping to save Sophie’s Choice for a rainy day when I needed to a good cry, but after already seeing the scene, I can only shed a few tears, and damn him for taking that opportunity away from me.

So basically the movie takes place in Brooklyn, where a young Southern writer moves into apartment directly bellow a Polish Holocaust survivor, Sophie (played by Meryl Streep), and her super crazy and occasionally abusive boyfriend, Nathan. The writer narrates the story and the movie goes through the ups and downs of the friendship that he shares with Sophie and Nathan. The movie also dives into Sophie’s flashbacks in Auschwitz.

The movie was exactly what I expected it to be, long and depressing, and Meryl Streep was what I expected, annoyingly beautiful, and way too good at acting. I mean she is obviously beautiful today, but like thirty years ago it wasn’t even fair. They literally had to shave her head, and make her look like she was about to die to make her look unattractive.



Oh wait no, still pretty.

Though I loved Streep, I wasn’t so crazy about the narrator. Maybe I’m too used to the excellent narration talents of Ron Howard, but this writer guy was not doing it for me. Maybe it was the fact that he was in love with Meryl Streep, which I couldn’t really blame him for, but Streep was taken, by his supposed best friend. Not to mention Streep was way older, and clearly not into him. It just made the narrator’s point of a view a little painful.

Despite this the movie was good. Streep clearly deserved her Oscar, and I cried at the end, despite the best attempts of my history tacher.

Rating 4 out of 5 time I wished I was Meryl Streep


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