Remember that time Martin Scorsese made that really terrible movie? Exactly. And can we talk about that fact that he is 70? 70! And he is still rockin out some crazy good films, like Goodfellas.  I mean who doesn’t love a good gangster movie? You got a bunch of guys living above the law, making their own rules, but still abiding by the loyalty they have their family. I mean besides the whole killing people thing it sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

So basically, Goodfellas, follows the gangster career of Henry Hill, played by Ray Liotta, who starts out as an excited and determined young man trying to become a somebody. As he continues to describe his life as a gangster I couldn’t help but think how amazing it sounded. Who wouldn’t want to belong to big Italian family, making food, playing cards, and doing pretty much whatever you wanted, all while making a ton of money. But just I began to curse my family for a lack of Italian ancestry, guns were drawn, and the film became a lot less family friendly.

I’m sorry, but these gangesters seemed way over sensitive. Maybe it was just Joe Pesci, (who was so freakin amazing in this film, its actually ridiculous) but I think you need some anger management when you shoot a teenage boy in the foot because he didn’t get you your drink fast enough. Or killing the same boy when he tells you to go fuck yourself. I think its time to calm down Pesci, maybe go back to arguing about instant grits for a minute.


I was totally cool with the whole gangster thing, like sell your drugs, threaten your guys, whatever. But seriously did they all need to cheat on their wives? And so blatantly? At least attempt to have some respect for the mother of your children. And I couldn’t help but wonder why the wives didn’t do anything, they must have know. They could have formed a gangster wife union, and stopped this whoring around. But alas, no union formed, and Hill ended up with a gun in face, curtesy of his wife (and that’s why you never cheat on your wife).

Fun fact about the film, it actually use the word fuck 300 times in the movie! Thats an average of 2.06 fucks a minute, thanks wikipedia! So to stay true to the film, I must say the movie was fuckin’ fantastic, a motherfuckin’ masterpiece, but I wouldn’t really expect anything else from Martin Scorsese.

Rating: 5 out of 5 F bombs


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