The French Connection


I have aways been a huge fan of anything with the word French in it, but if the next word is not cheese, wine or bread, I can’t help but get a little less excited. So unfortunately The French Connection, was at a bit of a disadvantage, but despite this I enjoyed the movie. It turns out The French Connection was based on a non-fiction book about a large scale drug bust by the NYPD. And for me, “true” movies are always the best, because for once, things that “only happen in the movies” can and have happen in real life, the guy really did get the girl, and on some level good did conquer evil.

So to be more specific, The French Connection, involves two cops, “Popeye” and “Cloudy” (not their actual names). Ironically Cloudy seems to have his feet on the ground, while Popeye seems to be a few episodes short of a TV season. While in pursuit of the drug supplier, Popeye accidentally shoots a fellow police officer and doesn’t even blink, that some border-line psycho stuff going on. And though he may be less than mentally healthy, he is in tip top shape. A good third of movie is spent on Popey” either waiting and watching the suspect, or chasing after them, and that is some serious cardio. And when he gets tired, it’s no problem, he can stop a car in the middle of the street, throw out the pedestrian who was nice enough to stop, take their car and then proceed to crash it. Unfortunately for the nice man, I don’t think insurance covers crazy police officer.

But fun fact! The French Connection was actually the first ever R rated movie to win best picture. And though I’m sure the movie deserved the award, I’m a little less certain about it’s rating. I mean I know it was the 70’s, but if you are going to rate a movie R, you’re going to need some boobs or gruesome violence or something. A few gun shots an R movie does not make. Curse you 21st century films, and the R rated expectation you have given me! Despite the fact that there wasn’t any sex or explosions, I still liked the film, and felt inspired by Popeye’s determination, which I now realize could be a result of some sort of mental health issue…

Rating: 3 out of 5 French baguettes, because they are delicious


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