Blade Runner


I was initial surprised to see an sci-fi action movie on the list. Like romantic comedies the genre is often good for revenue but not so much for critical reception, but I figured a young and dashing Harrison Ford could carry me through if the movie turned out to be less than stellar. Unfortunately not even Ford could keep my interest in this dystopian science fiction movie.

So basically Blade Runner takes place in the future, and scientists have created “replicants” who look just like a human, to perform slave labor. However the “replicants” rebel and kill a large amount of people, and therefore must be “retired” by blade runners, a special unit of law enforcement. Years later, in comes a retired blade runner (Ford), who agrees to take this last mission, and retire four “replicants” who have found their way back.

The plot seems interesting enough, but the pacing was all out of whack  It had an almost noir like pacing, but I think the genre required something completely different. If I’m going to see Harrison Ford hunting down robots with a gun, I am not expecting a whimsical shot of a unicorn running through a forest while Ford plays the piano. And another thing, why would the scientist want to make the “replicants” indistinguishable from humans? It makes everyone’s job a hundred times harder, are they trying to incorporate them into society? It really didn’t make much sense.

Maybe if the scientists made the robots look more like robots, they wouldn’t have to worry about people having some machine on man sexual relations. I highly doubt that was their original purpose. But there goes Harrison Ford, getting with with a “replicant”, I don’t understand, was I supposed to root for this relationship? How does something like that even work? Is it even legal?

Not only was the movie perplexing, but it was hell-a-creepy, too. Some of the “replicants” decide to live with this inventor loner guy, who prides himself on his collection of “friends”, I was not a fan. Honestly I felt bad for not liking Blade Runner, I mean Harrison Ford looked so good. But after some googling, I took comfort in knowing that the film was more of a cult classic. Sorry to report but I will not be drinking this cult’s Kool-Aid.

Rating: 1 out of 5 awkward references to unicorns


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