Yankee Doodle Dandy


I have concluded that reading a short summary before watching a movie is always beneficial. So instead of being disappointed that this movie did not involve a man pulling a feather from his hat and naming it macaroni, I could enjoy the biopic about famed Broadway actor, composer and producer George M. Cohan. It seems that Yankee Doodle Dandy learned its subtle patriotic messaging from a ton of bricks decorated with American flags. The film and its subject were as American as apple pie, complete with the happy wife and the successful business. However, I don’t ever recall seeing an apple pie participating in black face, but hey maybe I’m sheltered.

I’m sure that staring in a play that you wrote and directed was a novelty Cohan and his audience at the time, but now it seems pretentious and arrogant. There is a reason Quentin Tarrentino doesn’t star in all of his movies, besides the fact that he doesn’t pull off the yellow jumpsuit as well as Uma Thurman. It was this reason that I really couldn’t get behind Cohan. I mean obviously he was an remarkably talented individual and a staple in American theater, but that doesn’t mean I have to like him.

However, the singing and dancing was fabulous, as it should have been. Occasionally I was confused by the costumes, and wanted to know what kind of song would require a family of semi reasonable people to dress up as clowns. Maybe it’s just my irrational fear of the creepy circus employees, but I was not a fan. However I was impressed of the use of horses in one of his shows. Not to digress, but how do they get the horses on the stage? Aren’t they frightened? And where do they go after the show? Is there a special farm in the city for show horses? Do you train a horse to become a show horse? Or are some horses just born to be stars?  But all in all it was an enjoyable, and clearly provided some nice patriotism before the second world war. Very clever movie industry combined with government, I see what you did there. But to summarize the film in a gif imagine this:


For about 2 hours

Rating: 3 out of 5 racial actions that are no longer appropriate


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