Toy Story

Toy_StoryI think everyone has this fear that things they loved as a child will never be the same when they revisit them as an adult. Like Disneyland, that transforms from a magical collection of Disney’s A-list movie stars to an over crowded and over priced sauna. It was this phenomenon that made me a little worried when I had to watch Toy Story. But as I’m sure the many people who have watch the film plenty of times since childhood would tell me, I had absolutely nothing to worry about. If anything, I got so much more from the film watching it now.

For those who chose to reside underneath a rock, Toy Story depicts a world in which toys come to life when humans or living animals are not visible. In the bedroom of a boy named Andy, a toy named Woody is the most played with, and therefore, at the tippy top of the totem pole. However, a newer toy arrives and Woody is tossed to the side.

The film is filled with heart and humor, and after discovering one of the writers was Joss Whedon, it was easy to see why. Though there were no vampires or man in iron suit, the Whedon-isms still shined. It was this punchy dialogue that makes the film even more humorous as an adult and helped me to appreciate the secondary characters. Like Rex, the ironically scared dinosaur, who was so incredibly lovable and ridiculously funny in the best ways, but was under appreciated when I was child.

And I knew that the creepy boy next door Sid was evil, but after watching it again, it is completely obvious this kid is a psychopath. Seriously though, I’m pretty sure blowing up and dismembering toys is a one of those “red flags”. And I’m sure that little stunt the toys pull at the conclusion of the movie won’t help him with his mental health either. It was also abundantly clear that Buzz Lightyear was insanely depressed, I’m pretty sure he was trying to kill himself when he jumped off a set of stairs.

Just look at this poor guy!

13f59b43cbcc7599db4375faae31b233Get rid of the Randy Newmen music and add the Charlie Brown Christmas song and you got a good old fashioned sad walk


Obviously Toy Story is a modern classic, and is completely wonderful. It’s basically like a fine wine, meaning it should be consumed constantly.

Rating: 5 out of 5 of those adorable little green aliens


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