Gossip Girl “High Infidelity”

The second episode of the sixth and finale season of Gossip Girl aired Monday night, and the show continues to dish out the drama. The certain je ne se qua that has been missing from the Upper East Side’s most beloved show for several seasons has thankfully reappeared, and it bought some well dressed friends (with the exception of Blair’s headband). Though there was only one “Chair” scene in the entire episode, it was definitely enough to hold me over until next week, even if it was all part of an evil Bart Bass scheme. I guess Blair and Chuck decided to keep their word for once and work on themselves individually. While Blair was running her mother’s company, despite the intervention of Nelly (super awesome to have her in the Upper East Side again!). Chuck was trying to expose his father’s deepest secrets with the help of…his ex-prostitute? Who left to go home to her fiance (fingers crossed it was Sayid), but not with out leaving some random photograph that will miraculously lead to Chuck destroying Bart Bass *spoiler alert*. But while Chuck and Blair are trying to sort things out, do we really need Dan reminding us of all of the terrible things Chuck has done? Yes we know that he sold Blair to a hotel, and we know that he slept with your sister, and yet we still love him. I think it’s time for Dan to cut his losses and his hair. (Do they not have barbers in Italy?) And Dan seems to have Georgina ready and willing, so I really don’t see what he is complaining about. (Remember that time that she had a child and husband?) Once again Nate has become less that relevant. No matter how hard he may try (attempting to expose Gossip Girl) he is always in the shadow of his friends or girlfriends. If he wasn’t so handsome and wealthy I would feel sorry for him. But as least he knows his place, the bus to bring relevant girls into the Upper East Side. His latest passenger? A 17 year old girl who just happens to be the daughter of Serena’s current boyfriend. I know! Seriously kudos to the writers, I was thinking siblings, but definitely not father-daughter. And speaking of Serena and her boyfriend, I really don’t see what they have in common besides going to fancy parties and keeping secrets. And if his annoying teenage daughter has anything to say about they won’t be together much longer, which to be completely honest, would not be a big blow to the show. Though this episode was not as good as the first episode of the season, it was completely reminiscent of the first and second scandalous seasons of Gossip Girl.

Biggest OMG Moment: Serena’s boyfriend is the father of Nate’s girlfriend. 

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