Downton Abbey “Episode 5”

Screw Julian Fellowes and all he chooses to write. On sunday night, the fifth episode of the third season of Downton Abbey premiered. An episode that I like to call “Reasons I Cry Myself to Sleep”. Now I would be lying if I said I had never cried during a TV show (Friday Night Lights I’m looking at you), but I have never reached the point of rolling tears, nose sniffling, and thanking God that my roommate was not in the room crying. Basically I looked like this:


What is the source of all my tears you ask? Basically all sorts of stuff hits the yet-to-be-invented fan. But honestly, the only plot of this episode that anyone will remember is the death of the youngest daughter Sybil. And the worst part was that you knew it was coming. While Fellowes tried to distract the viewer by placing an uplifting scene after Sybil’s child birth, her death was as inevitable as the ice cream I was going to have to eat to get over it. Like a horror movie, I think that all viewers were screaming at their televisions, telling Lady Grantham not to leave her daughter, for her not to go sleep. But did the TV listen to them? Of course not, leading to the largest TV induced Klenex use of my television watching career. Even her husband Tom, who I really don’t care for, had me bawling as he gripped his dying wife and told her not to leave him. But for me the worst part is the aftermath, when the character’s discuss their deceased sister. And of course Fellowes just had to keep pouring lemon juice on this terrible paper cut. Apparently it was not enough to have the sisters kiss their dead sibling on the forehead, or have the mother tell her daughter how much she loved her, no, just moments after Sybil died and all is silent a cry from the new born baby is heard and a million hearts break simultaneously. Obviously the affect of Sybil’s death on the rest of the season will be tremendous. Lady Grantham blames Lord Grantham for the death of their daughter and now refuses to sleep in the same bed, and based on the promo for next weeks episode it doesn’t look like he will be getting any anytime soon. And Matthew and Mary who were on the cusp of having children, probably won’t be getting intimate in the near future after this tragedy. And the poor baby never knowing how wonderful her mother was! But their may be a silver lining, Sybil’s death might be the the devastating event that gives Tom the respect of the Grantham family, the one thing Sybil wanted so dearly. But Sybil’s death was not the only thing that happened in this episode. I’m sure other events occurred  I mean, Mr. Bates looked pretty happy, and Thomas seemed to be getting a little too friendly with the absurdly attractive new guy. But these are not the subplots that have left me hugging my pillow pet while listening to the Downton Abbey theme song on repeat. I wonder if Fellowes will pay for the therapy sessions I am going to need after watching this episode.

Rating: Five Witty Maggie Smith Comments


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